Açotubo Group works to ensure excellence in its processes, founded in 1974, it has the best operational technical structure in the steel section. The company joins advanced management and strategies principles, which has turned it into an entrepreneurial and leadership reference all around the country, constantly working to ensure the excellence in its processes and following innovative paths to convey the safety our clients need in their everyday living. The Group still owns six divisions: Tubes and Steel, Connections, Drawn and Parts, Stainless Steel, Industrial Service and Anchoring Systems (Incotep).

This versatility enables Açotubo to act in several segments, supplying its clients with quality and diversity. The focus on assisting all needs reflects on the dedication seen in each project. After all, more important than reaching results, it is to make innovative solutions available. That is what reflects on a successful history.


We will be recognized by our clients, collaborators and suppliers for the excellence in the steel segment management, delivering the clients solutions and ensuring the Group perpetuity.


To meet the market demands, offering products and services with high level of reliability, generating results for its clients and shareholders, contributing for the economic and social development, ensuring the business perpetuity.


Innovation, Synergy, Flexibility, Commitment, Transparency, Credibility and Focus on the Client.